By purchasing any product of the ROIDMI brand at our online store, we offer a limited warranty of 1 year (12 months) on any manufacturing defect (Excluding Battery).

You can also send a request for assistance from our contact page form.

Is it necessary to install App?

No, it is not necessary to have it installed and connected to your smartphone, but it is recommended.

To use the vacuum cleaner, plug it in and leave it plugged in until it is completely charged.

Do I need to change the filter?

The Roidmi vacuum has a washable air filter, which over time will need to be changed (Recommended 3 Months).

Keeping the air filter in good condition helps the vacuum cleaner perform better and protects the machine from damage caused by excessive dirt in the filters.

How long is the delivery?

All product are shipped out within 2 working days. Customer can expect the product to be deliver to them within 4 working days.