Roidmi, founded in 2015, has become the leader of cordless vacuum cleaner industry in China, as a company of Xiaomi ecosystem , our products have been popular in over 60 countries around the world with the core advantage of 103 technical patents and 6 awarded design .
Technical Patents
Awarded Design

Company Profile

Roidmi specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing high quality cleaning products for global consumers. Our company was established in early 2015 and invested by Xiaomi, Shunwei and Haiquan Fund. As a Xiaomi Ecosystem Company, Roidmi has already sold over 60 overseas countries such as USA, UK, Europe, Japan and so on. It is in a good position not only to serve Chinese market, but also to export all over the world.

Company Honor

Roidmi acquired high recognition from industries and societies since it established. From the Germany iF Award, the Reddot Award to the G-Mark Award, the Chinese Good Design Award, Roidmi keeps innovating and optimizing craftwork. It has won one award after another, marching one peak after another.

ROIDMI Histrory

ROIDMI, first started from car application products, then turned to the Strategic Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. ROIDMI always keeps moving stably, and focuses on the extraordinary design, outstanding quality and professional services. We promote our brand on overseas markets, communicate with our partners and clients for the world-class technology. ROIDMI attends many international professional exhibitions.



  • ROIDMI participated in International Consumer Electronics Show secondly in USA.
  • ROIDMI took part in HOMI2019 in Milan, Italy.


  • ROIDMI attended the TENDENCE LIFESTYLE in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • ROIDMI joined The Inspired Home Show in Chicago, USA.


  • Attended the Hong Kong Spring Consumer Electronics Show.


  • Released the flagship product 2019– Roidmi NEX next-generation wireless vacuum cleaner.


  • The global launch of Roidmi NEX was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands.



  • Participated in International Consumer Electronics Show and released the ROIDMI Cordless Vacuum Cleaner to the world which marked we started to explore the international market.


  • ROIDMI attended the HK Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) in Hongkong.
  • The firstly crowdfunding of ROIDMI Cordless Vacuum Cleaner was online, the order number of people was up to twelve thousand, the finish rate was 6141%


  • ROIDMI participated in IFA exhibition in Berlin to release the M8 Mattress Vacuum Cleaner for the first time.


  • ROIDMI took part in HK Electronics Fair (Autum Edition) to release the Cordless M8 Mattress Vacuum Cleaner for the first time.
  • ROIDMI attended to GITEXT Electronics Fair in Dubai.


  • ROIDMI took part in CHINA HI-TECH FAIR in Shenzhen, China.
  • ROIDMI firstly released the Cordless Vacuum Cleaner F8 E and M8 Mattress Vacuum Cleaner.



  • ROIDMI firstly released the Cordless Vacuum Cleaner F8 E and M8 Mattress Vacuum Cleaner.
  • MIJIA Car Air Purifier won the BEST SELLERS in TMALL and Jingdong, which were the TOP two B2C platform in China.
  • ROIDMI launched the Memory Seat Foam to the market for the first time.



  • Strategic product, ROIDMI Cordless Vacuum Cleaner project was launched.


  • ROIDMI Bluetooth Car Charger won the G20 Summit selected Car products.


  • The first Mijia product, Car Air Purifier came into the market.



  • ROIDMI Information Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established to obtain XIAOMI science and technology, Shunwei Capital Investment.


  • The first product, ROIDMI Music Bluetooth Car, was put on line as a compact rice crowdsourcing vehicle, with 17,000 subscribers in 7 days, and the completion rate exceeded 800%.

nvestment shareholders

ROIDMI was founded in 2015 and was invested by top capital such as XIAOMI Technology, Shunwei Capital and Haiquan Fund.

ROIDMI culture

Rich cultural background can produce strong cohesion and vitality, promote team cooperation and innovation consciousness, and is the source and power of sustainable development of enterprises.

Enterprise mission

Promoting User’s Happiness by Using Supreme Technology

management idea

User-centered and product-based


Developing Core Science and Technology to Represent China’s Creation